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for what we do,

that’s why we face great challenges every day.

ALG provides representation services for the international shipping industry. With ALG your company will be supported by all fronts, while our team covers all the phases of your logistics chain (commercial, operative and financial).

ALG is a corporate organization that offers timely and trustworthy maritime services and logistics solutions, as per the needs and expectations of our clients. We offer a comprehensive service with complete port representation in Colombia and Costa Rica, supported by highly qualified human capital, committed to continuous improvement and user satisfaction, based on the principles of integrity, excellence, accountability and compromise, thus generating tranquility and trust in our brand.

Why should you trust us?



ALG will be a leading Company in logistics solutions for Colombian and Costarrican Ports.

Supported by our human resource, who is characterized by its professionalism and compliance of the customs, maritime, migratory, port, and sanitary regulations, to capture new clients.

Corporate Values

We provide the proper balance between the needs of our human resource and the needs of the Company. We deliver a proper quality of life to our workers, safe-guarding them, promoting their professional growth, and stimulating their self-realization.
We are committed to perfecting our procedures, by basing them on the highest-quality and efficiency standards,

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